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You do not have to be ADA Disabled™ to join this group. You can be curious, discovering what’s up, in the middle of a diagnosis, choose not to disclose, etc. We welcome everyone. We cannot promise anonymity because we are an open group – but we do provide peer support, resources, and a place to talk.

Disability Staff Forum's Mission & Values

  • First and foremost to support disabled individuals on campus and to provide visibility to their experiences.
  • To highlight the intersectional experiences of disabled individuals.
  • To foster social and professional connection amongst disabled employees on campus.
Screenshot of a Zoom meeting. TL is on the left, with an ASL interpreter on the right.

OAE & SCLS Present TL Lewis on Racism and Ableism

Held by the Office of Accessible Education, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Stanford Critical Law Society.

Talila A. Lewis is an abolitionist community lawyer, educator, and organizer who unites movements for justice by making manifest the inextricable links between ableism, racism, classism, and all forms of systemic and structural oppression.


Screenshot of Emergency Chat app's meltdown alert

Emergency Chat

Emergency chat can be used in any situation where speech is impossible but communication is still necessary.

The splash screen has a base text that explains to any person you give your phone to that you can't use speech and want to use this app to communicate. You can then continue to the next screen which has a simple chat client.

Get the iPhone/Apple App Here
Get the Android/Google App Here

*Stanford does not endorse any featured resource, unless specifically stated


LGBTQIA+ & Disability

The Badass Disabled LGBTQ+ Women History Forgot

Have you ever heard of Edith Cooper & Katherine Bradley?

What about Barbara Jordan or Jazzie Collins?

By Laura Elliott

Photographs By Cathy Cade Photographs Collection


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The Disability Staff Forum’s (DSF) mission is to help facilitate communication among Stanford community members with and without disabilities. We are a diverse group of staff and faculty interested in promoting awareness of disability issues and encouraging people to gain support, gain access, and gain knowledge to explore and develop opportunities for individuals with disabilities. You are invited to share your insights and experiences about accessibility challenges and to help build our community. Join DSF for monthly social hours, weekly co-working sessions, and more. Visit the website and sign up for the mailing list for updates.

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