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Goals & Core Values

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The Disability Staff Forum (DSF) is a group of Stanford University employees who are disabled or allies to the disability community at Stanford. Formed in 1989, DSF seeks to represent, support, and promote the interests of these employees. DSF strives to develop a supportive network of disabled employees and their allies in the Stanford community and contribute to a more inclusive Stanford. These goals are accomplished by:

  • Fostering healthy & nurturing relationships among disabled students, staff, faculty, and community members
  • Sponsoring and funding activities that support the organization's mission
  • Educating our members, Staff, and the University community about issues with regard to and challenges faced by the disability community at Stanford
  • Representing members' concerns to appropriate University offices
  • Serving as mentors to students and new professionals
  • Creating a repository of and being a hub for community resources for the disability community at Stanford
  • Promoting the "no about us without us" model of inclusion